James A. Simonds, DMD

Dear Patients:


The arc of a dentist’s career has a clear beginning with school and training followed by a varied trajectory as defined by a broad range of experience either in practice, academics or administration. With good fortune, the other end of one’s career arc offers choices of direction to either continue (until skills inevitably diminish with age), retire out of the profession, or “pivot” into other activities where the presumptive accumulated wisdom of those years of experience can be pointed into professional activities that are enriching and helpful to others.


With this understanding, I have chosen the latter and will phase out my clinical practice of periodontics and commit more time to academics both within and outside of dentistry. I will continue to teach the specialty at the dental school at UCSF, maintain my activities at the local dental society, pursue interests in fitness, philosophy, and even continue to play really bad piano in quixotic hope that I can achieve less noise and more music!


My efforts toward maintaining physical fitness is related to dealing with a cancer I’ve been dealing with for the past few years. So far, it’s been controlled pretty well and I continue to attack it on a number of different fronts.


Being a periodontist and being entrusted with the care of patients has been an honor I have never taken for granted. With the support of individuals and institutions, I have been graced with the unique opportunity to treat patients and achieve innovations in the service of our patients.


With gratitude, I am indebted to the community of friends, family, colleagues and patients who have collectively contributed to making my clinical career enriching and fulfilling. One of the gifts of living and practicing in Sonoma County is the personal attachment that forms with all those who share in our personal and professional lives. The warmth of these connections has been a perpetual source of joy.


While I am no longer accepting new patients, I plan to complete treatment for many existing patients. Consequently, I will continue to practice through the end of February.  Fortunately, Dr. Uemura and our new associate Dr. Vassilopoulos are well prepared to follow up and maintain the care of all patients after my departure. You will be in good hands!


This decision has been a difficult one—as it should be. To leave an endeavor one loves requires hesitance, as does assuming new and attractive challenges. However, I am grateful to have the choice.


I do want to give special credit to all the professional staff members who have made compassionate and selfless contributions in the service of the practice throughout my 35 years in Sonoma County. Their warmth and commitment to excellence cannot be overstated.


Of course I am available to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Feel free to contact me as you wish.


With heartfelt thanks,



James A. Simonds, D.M.D.

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