Welcome to Your First Visit

What Will Happen On My First Visit?

We certainly understand there is so much unknown about a first visit to a dental specialist, so our first step to help your first trip to be as pleasant as possible by going over that initial visit.

Our Office: The first thing you’ll notice is that our office looks different than a regular dental office. Instead of a clinical looking dental office, our reception area resembles a Southwest style living room, complete with a cozy fireplace, lodgepole ceiling and comfortable leather chairs. The office was designed to be inviting, comforting, and visibly relaxing with earthtone colors and rounded corners. We even have a connected patio so you can enjoy some beautiful Santa Rosa sunshine before you’re seated for treatment.

Enjoy a beverage in the reception area including cold drinks or hot tea while watching a non-dental video on the large flat panel display.

Santa Rosa Innovative Periodontics & Dental Implants photo of officeSanta Rosa Innovative Periodontics & Dental Implants photo of office

Your Greeting: When you come in, you will be greeted by a receptionist who will  guide you through the first steps of your visit.

Come into the Treatment Area: A dental assistant will accompany you into the treatment area of the office. Each treatment room, like the reception area, has been designed to be pleasant and comfortable. Special foam-lined reclining chairs are adjusted for maximum comfort. It’s actually not uncommon for patients to fall asleep in these chairs during treatment! The indirect “cove” lighting above the chairs softens the atmosphere, and we have blankets and pillows we can add to further comfort you.

Getting to Know You: The dental assistant (usually a licensed Registered Dental Assistant) will chat with you and then review your reason for visiting us, your medical history, take a portrait picture (so we can remember you better!), and will take your blood pressure.

Greeting from Your Doctor: Either Dr. Uemura or Dr. Simonds will introduce himself and get to know you a little better while introducing you to the specialty of periodontics and the services we may offer you.

Unless otherwise planned, this is an appointment for examination only. The doctor will take a range of measurements. Some of the measurements may duplicate those taken by your dentist, but the periodontist likes to take his own readings and may compare them with your dentist’s. There are additional measurements usually taken only by the specialist. Clincal photographs (pictures) will be taken of your teeth and gums so we can study the tissues after you leave. We also use the photographs in communicating with your dentist, evaluation of treatment techniques, teaching other dental professionals, and occasionally in clinical research performed at the office.

Once all information has been collected and evaluated at your visit, your doctor will give you a diagnosis of whatever periodontal issue might require attention. If you wish, you may have someone accompany you during this part of the visit if you feel this should be heard by a spouse, family member or friend. Following the presentation of the diagnosis, any treatment that would be helpful will be presented for your approval (to whatever detail you wish).

After providing the diagnosis and treatment plan, you will get a written plan which will include a list of procedures, appointments, fees, sequence of treatment, etc. You’re encouraged to ask any questions you may have. Of course, if you think of a something you forgot to ask when you get home, please call or email us so we can address your question. If you have dental insurance, we’d be pleased to send a pre-authorization to you can better determine your benefits for the recommended treatment.

Your Next Appointment: If you decide to proceed with treatment, the receptionist can make your next appointment for you.

A Letter to Your Dentist: After the first visit, we’ll send a comprehensive report to your dentist to keep him/her well informed of the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Listening is as important as talking: Please let us know how you felt about your first visit. We can only get better at what we do if we listen closely to your comments.

Please assist us at the time of your initial visit to the office by providing the following information:

  • Your referral slip and x-rays from your referring dentist.
  • A list of medications you are currently taking (please note that you can fill out your patient registration and medical history form on our website.)
  • If you have dental insurance, please bring any forms or insurance cards with you to the appointment.

Please Note: All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the consultation appointment.

Please notify the office if you have a medical condition or concern prior to surgery (e.g. artificial heart valves or joints, heart murmurs requiring pre-medication, severe diabetes, or hypertension).